business and delivery conditions of the tree hostel Robins Nest


For the purchase of vouchers our voucher conditions apply:

1. object

The Robins Nest Voucher may be used as part of bookings made at the Robins Nest Treehouse in accordance with these terms. The voucher will be sent to you in the form of a card after receipt of payment by post. You can pass the voucher to a third party. In this case, you agree not to use the coupon number or to disclose it to third parties.

2. payment

The payment is made in advance, PayPal. When selecting the payment method in advance, we will give you our bank details in the order confirmation and deliver the goods after receipt of payment. You pay the invoice amount via the online provider Paypal. You must always be registered there or first register, legitimize with your access data and confirm the payment order to us (except guest access). You'll get more information during the ordering process. The PayPal fees are to be borne by the buyer.

3. Pickup

A pickup of the goods is possible. Please arrange a pick-up by phone or email

4. Shipping costs

We deliver within Germany for a processing fee of 2.50 €. For orders from abroad, you will receive the voucher by email.

5. Redeem the voucher

The voucher is used for the overnight bookings. The voucher value will be credited to the invoice amount. Please enter the voucher number when making the reservation request. The voucher is handed over on arrival at the reception. In case of non-delivery, we reserve the right to recalculate the costs.

6. Remaining balance

If the voucher value exceeds the invoice amount, then any remaining balance will be retained. The balance will be issued in the form of a voucher, which can be redeemed in our Waldbar. A cash payment of the residual value of the voucher is excluded.

7. Tree houses

The tree houses are handed over from the tree hostel Robins Nest in a neat and clean condition. Should defects exist or occur during the rental period, the tree house host Robins Nest shall be informed immediately. The guest is liable for the damage caused to him by the rental object, the inventory and the community facilities, e.g. broken dishes, damage to the floor or furniture. This includes the cost of lost keys. The inventory is to be treated gently and carefully and only for the whereabouts in the tree houses. The guest is also liable for the fault of his fellow travelers. Damage caused by force majeure is excluded. In the case of use of the tree houses contrary to contract, such as subletting, overcrowding, disturbance of the peace of the house, etc., as well as non-payment of the full rental price, the contract can be terminated without notice. The already paid rent remains with the tree house host Robins Nest. If liability insurance exists, the damage must be reported to the insurance company. The Baumhausherberge is the name and address, as well as the insurance number of the insurance.

8. stay

The tree houses may only be used by the persons listed in the booking. If the tree houses are used by more people than agreed, a separate fee is payable for these, which is determined in the rental price. In addition, the tree house host Robins Nest has the right to terminate the lease without notice. The renter agrees to the terms and conditions of Baumausherberge Robins Nest. The declaration of consent takes place with the booking confirmation received. In the event of violations of the terms and conditions, the Baumhausherberge Robins Nest is entitled to terminate the lease immediately and without notice. A legal claim for repayment of the rent or compensation does not exist.

9. Cancellation deadlines and fees

A necessary withdrawal from the trip must be communicated in writing by email to Up to 28 days before arrival the cancellation is free of charge. We only charge a processing fee of 25,00 €. From 27.-14. Day before arrival we charge a cancellation fee of 50%. Between the 13th-7th day 70% and from the 6th day 90% of the overnight price.

10. Resignation by the landlord

In the event of cancellation by our side, force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances (such as accident or illness of the host) and other circumstances beyond our control, such performance may be impossible; liability is limited to the reimbursement of costs. In the case of justified resignation, no claim of the customer for damages arises - liability for travel and hotel costs will not be assumed. A resignation by the landlord can be made after the beginning of the lease without observing a period if the tenant persistently disturbs other tenants despite a warning or behaves in breach of contract to such an extent that the immediate cancellation of the lease is justified.

11. Liability of the tree hostel Robins Nest

The Baumhausherberge Robins Nest is liable within the framework of due diligence of a proper businessman for the proper provision of the rental property. A liability for possible failures or disturbances of the power supply, as well as events and consequences by force majeure are hereby excluded.

12. Written form

There are no agreements other than those specified in this contract. Verbal agreements were not made. The terms and conditions are accepted by bank transfer of the deposit.

13. General

The customer agrees to the processing of his data, insofar as this is within the scope of the purpose of the legal relationship.

14. Pets

Pets are allowed, with a one-time fee of 15,00 € to be paid in cash on the spot.

15. Drinks and brought food

With us in Robin's Nest, water and drinks are generally not consumed. This is especially true for the gastronomy area at the fireplace and in the entire area of the Waldbar. If a celebration with unregistered persons is held without prior information from the team of Robins Nest, we charge a flat rate of 250.00 Euro regardless of the number of people. We apologize for any inconvenience.

16. Severability clause

Should one of the rental conditions described above be legally invalid, this will be replaced by an analogous next regulation. The other rental conditions remain unaffected and continue to apply.

Baumhaushotel Robins Nest Individual companies represented by the managing director:

Peter H. Becker

Berlepsch137218 Witzenhausen

Tele: 0163.4422563


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